Music that Has Helped Me Survive the Pandemic

“Blue Skies” – Willie Nelson

A number one hit way back in the day. Willie is a fellow Austinite so I have to show some love.

“Crimson Tide” – Destroyer

Six minutes of perfection. Destroyer might be the most underrated person in all of music. That’s quite the claim, but I’ve felt like that for a minute now.

Fetch the Bolt Cutters – Fiona Apple

Fiona has long been one of my favorite artists. She never ever ever disappoints. How many artists in any medium or industry can you really say that about? And what a blessing to see her drop a classic album right when the world needed it. The track I jam out to the most is “Cosmonauts.”

WHOLE WORLD” – Earl Sweatshirt

Huge Earl fan. I have my old-school favorite rappers, but he definitely cracks my new-school top five.

“One More Year” – Tame Impala

This one didn’t really stick at first, but post-pandemic, at least for me, it’s very sticky. “We’re on a roller coaster stuck on its loop-de-loop” has a whole new meaning now.

“Boku Wa Chotto” – Haruomi Hosono

Just discovered this song but it is effing wonderful. The Japanese pop singer doing a folk number.

“Easy Rider” – Action Bronson

Now that I’m screenwriting again after almost a decade hiatus, I’m back to a practice I adopted in film school: creating a soundtrack for the movie I envision in my head. This song is unlike any rap song I’ve ever heard and was perfect for the twisted Texas thriller I’ve been working on.

“People, I’ve been sad” – Christine and the Queens

It’s true that I have been sad during coronavirus, but this song makes me happy. Soothing as hell. I have a thing for songs that oscillate between English and French (hello, Arcade Fire).

“Violence” – Grimes

Ugh. I cannot stand Elon Musk but I won’t let that stop me from enjoying strong work from his talented wife.

“You and I” – Caribou

Another one of my favorite artists. This song continues to grow on me (as his stuff tends to do). Sometimes you have to be in the right space or place for music to connect. And this finally did.

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5)” – Pink Floyd

As far as songs that are great to write to go, this is near the top of my list.

O Superman” – Laurie Anderson

Words can’t really do this song justice, now can they? Every few years I go through a phase where I play it often.

“Laura” – Bat For Lashes

This ballad is somber but I can’t get enough of it. Was obsessed with it when it came out and lately it’s been a constant in my rotation.

“BEST INTEREST” – Tyler, The Creator

A short bop but a bop nonetheless. Love tracks that leave you wanting more.

“She’s A Rainbow” – The Rolling Stones

This is a pretty Stones tune and right now we need to listen to pretty tunes as much as we can. A sonic antidepressant.

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