Welcome to the official site of Adam Best.  Over the past few decades, the Internet has helped me find my voice, launch successful ventures and get involved in activism. Many of my closest friends and most important projects are a direct result of how easy it is to connect in the digital age. As an entrepreneur, screenwriter/filmmaker and progressive activist, my mostly virtual career is a bit all over the place. Because of all of that, I wanted to create a centralized space where I could not only share my work but also my thoughts.

Being online gives us all unprecedented access to important websites, art, films, shows, music, activism, news, products, etc. But it’s usually a person, or a team of people, who are behind the thoughts and innovations that positively impact our lives. I’m really excited to go beyond just what I’m doing personally. To share what inspires and impacts me. I plan to write about these inspiring people and things as often as I can, as well as the issues I’m most passionate about. If I can share the things I dig while spreading even a little bit of positivity, it will be well worth it.